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I have a blocked bathroom sink drain is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?  Mechanical cleaning is always preferred but when used cautiously chemical drain cleaners can be an effective substitute in some situations.
First try using a plunger for any clogged drain (keep a seperate one for the toilet) and use a great deal of force to press the plunger handle down over the drain obstruction.
Periodically pour a hot salt water solution down your drains to eliminate oders and prevent grease build up.
If you have a moderately clogged drain pour 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 1/2 cup vineger and let sit for few hours before adding water.
If you have a garbage disposal always let enough cold water run to carry the particles down and into the main line.
The most common cause of clogged kitchen drains is grease, the best preventive is to let grease harden and then throw it away, never pour it down the drain.
Bathroom sink clogs usually congregate around the stopper so remove that first, usually by twisting and lifting it.
Is your drain clogged from hair - pour a bottle of Nair (the leg hair remover) down your drain then add hot water after about half an hour.
Have your plumbing inspected annually as small roots can be removed easily but big ones require pipe replacement.